About Us

Belize is an undoubtedly a captivating country. We were eager to see its beautiful coastline, archaeological specialties, and wonderful wildlife, so we simply packed and headed off – thinking we were all but prepared only to find ourselves clueless as to the nitty-gritty details involved organizing our Belize vacation. Upon returning from our slightly unorganized trip, we realized the need for a site that offered detailed and practical information for people wishing to explore the many fabulous Belize resorts. Especially for first time International Travelers. And so Belize Guru was born.

No doubt about it, this part of Central America is stunning. It will capture your heart and have you booking trips to Belize again and again. On arrival, we couldn’t wait to kick off our shoes and chill out. Our lack of planning, however, meant we instantly encountered obstacles. After ineptly negotiating the main airport, finding ourselves aboard a questionable light aircraft that took us to San Pedro, then having to seek out a water taxi to get us to the actual resort…we were left wishing we had found more resources and knowledge prior to booking! More surprises were in store when we went to buy groceries and realized that a packet of chips cost almost as much as the vacation itself.

We had in fact done our research, however we weren’t prepared. Belize has so much to offer and has such a relaxing atmosphere, yet there we were – confused over transportation and trying to get to grips with the currency. We should have investigated prices, exchange rates, travel itineraries… What we needed was a Belize travel guide catering to the first time travelers.

So we combined our bungling adventures and new-found wisdom into one comprehensive site. We can now try to advise other first time travelers and wide-eyed wanderers on the best places to stay in Belize, including beach hotels and hostels in Belize. We can share our experience of San Pedro, show you the top things to do in Belize, and even help you compare flight and hotel packages or Cruise deals if that is more your type of adventure!